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7 April 1987
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My journal isn't friend locked, so you'll probably glean much more useful information in there.

I identify myself as a bisexual ally, polyamorous activist, a computer nerd and alternative, and a top with a particularly strong interest in rope and restraints. I also use a different name for each setting I'm in, which helps me keep the different rules and decorums separate in my own head.

Bisexual & Polyamorous Activist (Alex)
I may not be bisexual myself, but that's no excuse for not getting stuck in. I make a dedicated effort to get to as many prides as I can and march with the bisexual contingent and networking with a direct effort of boosting bisexual representation in the LGBT arena.

I am polyamorous. I firmly believe that no-one has any more choice on being poly as they do being gay and this means their rights should be fought for just as much. When I am able to, I intend to march in prides as a polyamorist.

As part of my activism, I enjoy organising events that bring these communities together. I have already helped organise a BiFest and a monthly social for bisexuals in the Oxford area. Again, I hope to double up this with dedicated polyamory gatherings and socials in the future.

Nerd and Alternative (XmAkInA)
"Alternative": Not quite goth enough for goth.

I love new things and I love people with a passion for their subject. I'm particularly fascinated by nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and space exploration. I make websites for a living and a hobby. I have a number of projects I have on the go which can be seen on my website.

In the real world, this is most likely who you'll meet when you meet me. Posts of this nature usually live under my Nerd filter.

Dominant (Lictor)
I've been into BDSM properly (that is, more than Ann Summers!) since mid-2009. My biggest watchword is consent. I am frequently aggravated by the lack of respect for this most basic requirement in the BDSM scene, but that is a rant for somewhere else. My interest lies particularly in rope and restraints as well as a definite dabble in hitty things. I appreciate this is not an item everyone is comfortable with, so I run an opt-in kink filter if you wish to read about this part of my life.